Parents Now Last Line of Defense Against Globalist Agenda

Sometimes we need to be reminded of basic truth.

Parents truly are the last line of defense against the cultural decline of the west.

The reality of this wasn’t lost on Anthony Lane, a teacher from Willis High School in Texas.

Lane defended the decision for the school to host a drag queen story time event by saying that, “I believe that raising a child is the responsibility of the community and that parents should not have the final say.“

He went further, saying that “…some of you don’t know what is best for your kids.”

Evidence of parents failing to lead the way was highlighted by a shocking attack by Ohio University students on conservative activist Kaitlin Bennet when she attempted to visit the campus:

Western society and culture is currently collapsing under the weight of a full spectrum assault.

Anyone attempting to hold an individual or group to a higher standard – like traditional Judeo-Christian values – is labeled as a racist, hateful bigot. At the same time, everything that has been proven to degrade civilization is being hailed as progress.

We need to show the next generation that true rebellion comes in the form of following God’s word, not conforming to the world, and being a free individual.

Our enemy is doing everything it can to sabotage our efforts.

In order to lead the way for our children, our thoughts, actions and beliefs need to authentically align with the truth.

If we want a pro-human world, it needs to start with the next generation carrying the fire into the future.

Alex Jones breaks down the globalists’ agenda to cull the population.

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